"I was proud to vote for a smart, balanced budget focused on public health."


SPRINGFIELD – The General Assembly accomplished a great deal this spring legislative session. State Senator Julie Morrison supported a budget and subsequent legislative efforts to prioritize public health and safety.  

“I was proud to vote for a smart, balanced budget focused on public health,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “By prioritizing health care, delta-8 regulation and mitigating the effects of climate change, our state is making an effort to support the continued wellness of all Illinois residents.”

Alongside the budget, Morrison also supported a number of measures during the last week of session to prioritize people’s health and safety.

The General Assembly worked together to pass legislation which reforms insurance and supports consumers. Morrison’s initiative, Senate Bill 2697, was a massive win for increasing cancer screening and genetic testing. House Bill 5643 secured coverage for at-home pregnancy tests while House Bill 5087 made physical therapy available via telehealth.

“Early screenings and genetic testing will save lives,” said Morrison. “Prioritizing prevention is vital in the fight against cancer.”

To mitigate effects of climate change, scientific data shows that carbon emissions need to fall fast. An effective way of accomplishing this is carbon capture. Environmentalists negotiated Senate Bill 1289, which will enable carbon to be collected and stored deep underground.

Morrison supported House Bill 4293, which a potentially toxic substance, delta-8. The pervasive, unregulated substance has commonly made it into the hands of children creating dangerous situations.

Artificial Intelligence has been used to create obscene images using the face of a non-consenting adult and in some cases, children. Morrison supported House Bill 4623 which, among other things, criminalizes various types of image-based sex crimes that have emerged with the introduction of AI. 

Senate Bill 2697, House Bill 5643, House Bill 5087, Senate Bill 1289 and House Bill 4293 move to the Governor’s desk. Senate Bill 251 passed the Senate and moves to the House for further consideration.